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Our work to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of donkeys, horses, camels, and other desperate animals in Petra is life-changing.
One-of-a-kind Clinic Helps Countless Animals

Animals are suffering in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, and after an investigation in which witnesses saw frequent abuse of donkeys, camels, horses, and other animals and no way to help them, PETA opened up a clinic—free to the public—to treat the animals and feed those who are starving.

Petra’s Mechanization Project

As PETA’s clinic in Petra, Jordan, gives much-needed medical attention to the many animals forced to carry tourists around the Petra Archaeological…

How Could Anyone Do This to a Donkey?

A donkey’s health is improving each day, thanks to the expert care of Dr. Hassan at PETA’s clinic in Petra.

PETA Praises Government: Electric Carts to Replace Horses at Petra

Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority will launch a fleet of 20 eco-friendly electric vehicles to replace horse-drawn carriages.

To report a situation involving an animal in immediate danger in Petra, please contact the Petra Veterinary Clinic.
Please stay with the animal until help arrives in order to make sure that he or she is properly tended to.

To report the emergency, please call +962 780632240