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This Precious Donkey Foal Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

A tiny donkey foal wanders into a shop …

This Sweet Camel Calf Loves Her Mom

Farah has all the healing vibes that her mother needs to get well soon!

Understanding and Treating Colic

The clinic is teaching preventive practices to help lessen the number of animals suffering from colic.

Hungry Donkey Who Couldn’t Eat

With foul breath and sharp teeth, this donkey’s teeth were overdue for rasping.

Animals’ Bite Wounds, Weepy Eyes, and More Treated at PETA’s Clinic in Petra

Hundreds of animals are treated at the clinic every month.

Starving Horse Helped by Persistent Clinic Staff

Clinic staff were determined to help a severely malnourished horse when they faced resistance from the horse’s owner.

Lameness Is Common Among Animals Forced to Work

PETA’s clinic treats donkey Qamis for lameness.

Petra’s Mechanization Project

As PETA’s clinic in Petra, Jordan, gives much-needed medical attention to the many animals forced to carry tourists around the Petra Archaeological…