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The Sultan of PETA’s Clinic

We want to introduce you to a very special member of PETA’s team in Petra—the clinic’s resident canine, Sultan! While the abuse…

Formerly Abused Donkey Finds Compassion at PETA’s Clinic

The donkeys treated at PETA’s clinic often arrive with injuries that are the result of extreme abuse. Stab wounds are common, infections…

Injured, Lame Horse Gets Back on His Hooves

Whoever plunged the knife into Marzuk’s leg pushed it in so deeply that it fractured his leg bone. His owner knew the…

Listen Up, Petra: Horse and Camel Rides Banned at Giza Pyramids

After a hard-hitting campaign by PETA affiliates, Egypt’s tourism ministry has announced a ban on horse and camel rides in Giza.

1,000 Donkeys and Counting!

Help arrives for hundreds of donkeys once forced to work in the “Lost City” of Petra.

5 Terrible Reasons Why Animals Suffer in the ‘Lost City’

Visitors to Petra marvel at its ancient monuments and temples, but the famed “Lost City” has a dark side.

Spreading Kindness When You Travel!

Make sure you pack compassion as well as your sunscreen for your next vacation.