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Animals’ Bite Wounds, Weepy Eyes, and More Treated at PETA’s Clinic in Petra

It’s time for you to meet three individuals who were among the hundreds of animals treated at PETA’s clinic in Petra during the last month.

This camel was brought to our clinic because he was suffering from an infected bite wound after an encounter with a donkey. Staff cleaned his wound and gave him antibiotics and a topical cream to ease his obvious discomfort.

Clinic staff treat a camel who was suffering from an infected bite wound.

This sweet donkey is forced to work every day hauling tourists on his back throughout Petra’s archeological site. He had weepy eyes, quite common among those forced to work in the dusty environment. Staff kindly rinsed his eyes with saline and provided eye drops for daily care.

This donkey’s eyes were severely affected by Petra’s dusty environment, causing tears to run down his face.

And Oliver’s owner called the clinic for help after an untreated dog bite turned into an infected wound teeming with maggots. Our mobile unit was dispatched, and after giving him a sedative, staff meticulously removed the maggots and flushed and packed the wound. Then they gave him deworming medication, and they’re now following up to ensure that Oliver makes a complete recovery.

Staff treated sweet Oliver’s infected bite wound.

This Sweet Camel Calf Loves Her Mom

Farah has all the healing vibes that her mother needs to get well soon!

Understanding and Treating Colic

The clinic is teaching preventive practices to help lessen the number of animals suffering from colic.

Hungry Donkey Who Couldn’t Eat

With foul breath and sharp teeth, this donkey’s teeth were overdue for rasping.