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Chain Halters: A Source of Misery for Animals

When this donkey came to the clinic with his young handler, he had painful wounds caused by constant friction from his saddle and wretched chain halter.

This poor donkey has a fresh wound by his mouth from the chain halter he’s forced to wear.

You can see signs of his misery in the image above—permanent hair loss, scarring, and a fresh laceration by his mouth.

After treating the donkey’s injuries, staff talked to the child about the proper care the donkey needs and wrapped the chain with a soft cloth to help prevent future wounds.

Staff sewed soft cloth around the chain, covering the metal.

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To report a situation involving an animal in immediate danger in Petra, please contact the Petra Veterinary Clinic.
Please stay with the animal until help arrives in order to make sure that he or she is properly tended to.

To report the emergency, please call +962 7 7779 9500