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Clinic Updates: See What All the Buzz Is About!

The clinic has been buzzing with activity, including work to finish a new stable for the residents.

Check out Buzz enjoying his new digs!

Buzz relaxes in the new stable at the Petra clinic.

New veterinary interns have started seeing patients at the clinic. Take a look as they make their precise first stitches—no doubt these will be the first of many as more members of the community near the clinic take advantage of free services for animals.

Two interns at the Petra clinic help injured animals.

Newly rescued puppy Dashwa (meaning “noise” in Arabic) is now a permanent resident at the clinic, and canine friends Rosie and Sultan properly welcomed her to their crew. All of them are getting along well and happily welcoming new patients as they arrive.

Dashwa, Rosie, and Sultan are happy together at the clinic as permanent residents.]

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Understanding and Treating Colic

The clinic is teaching preventive practices to help lessen the number of animals suffering from colic.