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How Could Anyone Do This to a Donkey?

The city of Karak, Jordan, is about 200 miles from PETA’s clinic in Petra, but such great distances are inconsequential when the team learns that an animal is in danger.

A man there saw a donkey set on fire by a group of children. He quickly chased away the abusers and put out the flames, and after seeing the horrific extent of the animal’s injuries, he knew medical help was urgently needed.

A donkey who was set on fire by a group of children is admitted to the clinic.

An activist in the capital city of Amman connected the man with PETA’s clinic in Petra, and before the night was over, the donkey was in the team’s expert care.

This donkey with severe burns is receiving round-the-clock care at PETA’s clinic in Petra.

Today, the donkey is receiving round-the-clock care for his wounds and his appetite is growing strong. While he’s going to need much more attention before he recovers from his fiery ordeal, thanks to the team’s diligent care, this gentle soul is showing signs of improvement every day.

Children Learn to Help Animals

Clinic staff change hearts and minds one animal at a time.

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The clinic is helping animals in Petra, Jordan, who are forced to wear chain halters.

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One dirty water trough and hundreds of thirsty animals without a drop to drink.

To report a situation involving an animal in immediate danger in Petra, please contact the Petra Veterinary Clinic.
Please stay with the animal until help arrives in order to make sure that he or she is properly tended to.

To report the emergency, please call +962 7 7779 9500