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Injured, Lame Horse Gets Back on His Hooves

Whoever plunged the knife into Marzuk’s leg pushed it in so deeply that it fractured his leg bone. His owner knew the horse needed urgent medical attention. He had the wound cleaned and stitched closed, but unfortunately, Marzuk’s s painful injury wasn’t bandaged and infection soon set in, including in his skin.

When someone told his owner about the PETA-supported clinic in Petra, Jordan, he immediately reached out for help. The next day, Marzuk was admitted to the clinic in sorry shape.

A horse with a wounded front left leg waits outside the clinic.

When Marzuk arrived at the clinic, he couldn’t put weight on his injured leg.

In addition to the stab wound, Marzuk was also suffering mightily because the skin infection had spread, leaving his hooves tender and inflamed and him lame. The clinic veterinarian removed the painful chains from Marzuk’s face halter, then gave him a sedative so that he could begin cleaning the infected leg without causing him any discomfort.

Thanks to the clinic’s veterinary team, Marzuk is on the mend. He’s been given antibiotics and painkillers, and his wounds are bandaged daily. Staff members take him for slow walks in the clinic’s rehabilitation yard, which is covered with soft sand that’s gentle on his aching hooves and injured leg.

The clinic’s expert veterinarian, changes the bandage on Marzuk’s leg.

Marzuk’s condition is improving, but until he’s fully recovered, he’ll remain under the watchful eyes and expert care of the Petra clinic staff.

Please make a gift to the Global Compassion Fund to support medical treatment for Marzuk and to help other animals at the Petra clinic and around the world.

Marzuk also suffered needlessly because of a face halter made partly of chains that wrapped around his nose and jaw.

In addition to treating Marzuk’s injury, clinic staff removed the painful chains from his face halter.

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