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This Precious Donkey Foal Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

When a tiny, shivering donkey foal wandered into a store all alone, the kind shop owner knew exactly what to do. He made her a warm bed and a plate of food and then quickly called PETA’s veterinary services in Petra for help.

A shop owner helps a lost donkey foal.

The poor foal had somehow become separated from her mother and their guardian, but the shop owner’s kindness helped her relax. When veterinary staff arrived, she batted her long eyelashes as she patiently allowed them to check her for injuries.

A shop owner helps a lost donkey foal.

The staff scooped up the lost little donkey and took her back to the clinic, where they named her Moj. The veterinarian kept her comfortable overnight, hoping that her guardian would show up with her mom to care for her.

By the next day, no one had come for Moj, so she got to go to the clinic’s stables and play with the other rescued donkeys there. She made fast friends with another foal, who was ecstatic when she arrived.



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