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Treating Clients of All Sizes for Mange

While some may think of mange as a disease that affects only dogs, the painful affliction does not discriminate. This skin disease, caused by mite infestations, can cause intense itching, inflammation, hair loss, and even major infections that can lead to death if left untreated—and the clinic in Petra frequently treats a variety of clients who suffer from it.

This orphaned donkey foal was treated for fleas and mange before joining the other foals at the clinic’s nursery.

A donkey foal is treated for fleas and mange at PETA’s clinic in Petra.

Our clinic treated this sad camel for mange, too.

A camel is treated for mange at PETA’s clinic in Petra.

This orphaned dog was treated for a severe case of mange. A loving family has stepped up to look after him, and with medication and regular feeding, his temperament has improved tremendously. The clinic’s doctors are certain that his mange will soon follow suit.

A dog suffers from severe mange.

Children Learn to Help Animals

Clinic staff change hearts and minds one animal at a time.

Chain Halters: A Source of Misery for Animals

The clinic is helping animals in Petra, Jordan, who are forced to wear chain halters.

Shouldn’t Clean Water Be an Animal’s Right?

One dirty water trough and hundreds of thirsty animals without a drop to drink.

To report a situation involving an animal in immediate danger in Petra, please contact the Petra Veterinary Clinic.
Please stay with the animal until help arrives in order to make sure that he or she is properly tended to.

To report the emergency, please call +962 7 7779 9500