Starving Horse Helped by Persistent Clinic Staff

August 2, 2021

While out doing rounds with the PETA clinic’s mobile unit, staff spotted a severely malnourished horse tied to a pole in the blazing sun.

A severely malnourished horse languishes next to a pole without shade.

While an initial search for the horse’s owner came up empty, the alarm the staff raised caused enough of a stir in the area that he later called the clinic. Although he claimed to be feeding the skinny horse, staff insisted that the animal was in urgent need of care and reminded him that their services would cost nothing! He finally relented, but—to the great dismay of the clinic team—he rode the weak horse there, instead of gently leading him.

Even though the owner was quite belligerent as staff examined the animal, they knew they couldn’t afford to lose the opportunity to monitor his condition. The team contacted a local family with horses whom they regularly visit, and they agreed (with the owner’s consent) to keep the horse in their stables. The clinic staff’s insistence that the horse receive care paid off, and today, he remains in rehabilitation under their watchful eyes.